Mouth guards

Our clinic also provides sport guards for children and adults involved in contact sports. We also manages patients who grinds their teeth at night.

Night Guard: - Many individuals are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth at night, but a lot of damage can occur.

Symptoms associated with teeth grinding include headaches, ear aches, facial and neck muscle pain, and jaw joint pain.

Night guards are used to treat bruxism (teeth grinding) and clenching. The night guard fits over either the upper or the lower teeth, creating a cushion between them and absorbing the impact of grinding or clenching. Night guards help reduce enamel damage, jaw joint inflammation, and irritation to gums. Overall, most night guard wearers report less pain and better sleep.

Sports Guard: - Sports guard primarily act as a shock absorber. These dental mouth guards protect children’s and adult’s teeth and jaw joints from trauma that can be sustained while playing contact and collision sports, such as rugby, hockey, MMA, and boxing.

Accidents can happen during any physical activity and a mouth guard ultimately helps absorb shock experienced by the face, thereby reducing risk of teeth injuries such as a chipped tooth, tooth loss, soft tissue injury, and in severe cases, jaw injuries.


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